Breaking the bands of addiction

Having a loved one who is caught in the trap of substance abuse can be one of the most heartbreaking and trying experiences, not only because it's so harmful and dangerous, but also because it's an ongoing problem. It tears you apart to watch someone you love so dearly destroying himself. You've tried to talk sense into him, you've tried to give advice, you've tried to understand what brought this on, you've tried to be patient, and you've tried to be firm. Still, it seems that nothing has helped. That's because, as badly as you want to, you can't solve the problem. Ultimately that's up to him. If he's willing to change, I can break the bands of addiction and heal his body, mind, and spirit, but even I can't override his decisions.
I can, however, work in his heart and mind to help him start making better decisions that will lead to recovery, and this is where you come in. You can help Me work more effectively by praying for him. Until his will is pulling in the right direction, you have to do some of the pulling for him through prayer. Until he is ready to ask for My help himself, you have to ask for My help.
Prayer can work wonders in even the most "impossible" cases, so keep on praying. It may take time, but one day you will see the evidence of My hand at work and your prayers for your dear one being answered. Where there is life, there is hope!