Help in Trying Times

I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears, and they are precious in My sight. Though you may feel that this is one of the lowest times you have ever been through, yet in My eyes it is a precious time. I feel you closer to My heart than ever before. As I hold you in My hands and behold the beauty of your tears and your prayers to Me, the beauty of your surrender and humility in coming before My feet and saying, “Nothing in my hands I bring, simply to Thy cross I cling”—as I behold this, I love you. I hold you close to My heart, and I comfort you.

But you must let Me comfort you. You must have faith to reach out and receive from Me. It is nothing that can be earned or worked for. I wish to give it to you freely because of My love for you.

You must make the decision to accept My peace and comfort. And though this time seems long, it is only a moment compared to eternity. You will be rewarded greatly for your faith.

Pequeños actos de consideración

Hay muchas formas de manifestar Mi amor. Por ejemplo, puedes dar un saludo caluroso en vez de una mirada indiferente. Puedes tomar unos momentos para responder a una pregunta con consideración y franqueza, en vez de hacerlo ligero y aprisa, con lo que los demás se sienten subestimados o piensan que son un estorbo.
Mi amor se manifiesta de muchas formas: a base de perdón, de misericordia, de ternura, de amabilidad, de sencillez; con palabras de amor, de aliento y de elogio; con todo lo bueno y positivo que puedas decir de alguien; mediante pequeños actos de consideración; estimulando y recompensando a los demás; preocupándote por ellos; mostrándote atento; entregándote a ellos; dedicando tiempo a conversar, a escuchar y a compartir; ayudando a llevar la carga; rebajándote si hace falta para ayudar a una persona.

Wheels of progress

There are cycles in life—times in which everything seems to go well, and times when things seem to go badly. I want you to learn to hold on to Me through each phase of the cycle.
Problems cause you to exercise your faith as you rise up to meet them, and that brings the next phase of the cycle: You call on Me for help, and you fight and you win and you make progress. It's like a wheel as it turns: As the top goes down, the bottom comes around to the top and the wheel carries you forward.
Each time you face a new test, you must fight once again. You take up the challenge, call on Me for help, and once again overcome and make more progress. More tests bring more victories. But if at any time you don't seek Me for the solution and fight through to victory, you stop the cycle. You remain at the low point and there is no forward motion; you go nowhere.
So don't look at the low points in your life as defeats, but as opportunities to make forward progress. I know it's often difficult to go through these cycles, but you must in order to keep moving forward, so keep at it!

Pour te diriger dans le labyrinthe

Le monde devient de plus en plus compliqué et tu as besoin de Moi pour te diriger dans le labyrinthe de ces complications. Tu dois te tourner vers Moi pour savoir quoi faire. Je peux te montrer ce qui est invisible à l’œil nu. Je peux te révéler de nombreux éléments que tu ignores. Le monde s’émerveillera de ta sagesse, de ton savoir et de ta perception des réalités, si seulement tu Me cherches, si seulement tu M’écoutes.
Alors n’aie pas peur de demander. Avais-tu peur de poser des questions à tes parents lorsque tu étais
petit ? Non bien sûr, tu demandais tout simplement, et ils te répondaient. Il en est de même avec Moi.
Il te faut développer ta sensibilité par rapport à Moi et à Mon Esprit. Garde ton antenne spirituelle pointée vers le haut, toujours à l’écoute, car J’ai des multitudes de choses à te dire.

Simple, Sincere, Spontaneous

You appreciate it when people compliment you, don’t you? But compliments don’t seem to flow out of your mouth very easily, do they? You kind of get stuck when it comes to saying nice things to people. You either just don’t think about doing it, or if you do, you worry that it’s going to come out sounding corny or won’t be appreciated or maybe even misunderstood.
Think about the times when people have said something nice to you. How often have you felt that they were being corny? Or even if you did, didn’t it make you feel good to know that they noticed you and that they liked something about you? Other people will also feel good when you compliment them.
You don’t have to think up spectacular or poetic things to say. “Simple, sincere, and spontaneous,” is a good motto when it comes to giving compliments. If someone looks particularly good that day, tell her so. If you feel like telling your friend, or your dad or mom, or your brother or sister, how much you enjoy being around them, go ahead and do it-right then! Try it; you’ll like it! And so will they.