Une joie toute simple

La joie du Seigneur est ta force. Mais comment trouver pareille joie ? Rien de plus simple en réalité : aime-Moi de tout ton cœur, de toute ton âme et de toutes tes forces, et n’oublie pas non plus d’aimer les autres. Ne t’inquiète pas de ce qu’ils pensent, de leurs opinions. Contente-toi de faire ce que te dictent l’amour et l’humilité. En fait, ils t’aimeront et te respecteront d’autant plus pour cela.
Souviens-toi d’aller au devant des autres pour leur montrer de l’amour et de l’attention, et Je te remplirai de Ma joie, de Ma paix et de Mon bonheur.

Amor sin límites

Quiero enseñarte a sentir mayor amor, abrirte los ojos al amor incondicional, para que te des cuenta de cómo es, participes de él, lo pongas en práctica y aprendas a amar al prójimo sin reservas.
Deseo que ahora veas a cada uno como Yo lo veo: con amor infinito, inconmensurable, que aprendas a amar tal como se te ha amado.
Aprende a amar a los demás con el mismo amor que te ha ayudado a salir adelante en muchas situaciones difíciles, el amor que te ha dado fuerzas para seguir adelante, el amor que te ha ayudado a perdonar, el amor que te ha permitido sincerarte: Mi amor.

Your special place

I am the good Gardener. I have planted a beautiful garden of special flowers. In My garden, each flower is different and unique. Each one serves its own purpose and has its own place in the garden and in the heart of the Gardener.
You are unique to Me. I know all about your gifts, your talents, your battles, your weaknesses, and all the things that bother you about yourself. I know about the nagging problems that you can't seem to overcome. I know your strengths and your weaknesses, your idiosyncrasies and all the funny things about you that make you an individual. I know your heart's desires and your secret longings.
I know about the times that you compare yourself to others. I know about the times that you think negatively about yourself, when your weaknesses bother, embarrass and discourage you. I know about all these things and I love you anyway.

Seu lugar especial

Sou o bom Jardineiro. Plantei um lindo, grande e glorioso jardim de flores especiais. Nele, cada flor é diferente, ímpar, linda e especial aos Meus olhos. Cada uma serve o seu propósito e tem seu lugar no jardim, assim como no coração do Jardineiro.
Para Mim não existe outro como você. Você é uma flor especial aos Meus olhos. Sei tudo sobre os seus dons, talentos, batalhas, fraquezas e todas as coisas que o incomodam sobre si mesmo. Sei dos problemas que constantemente o pertubam e que parece incapaz de superar. Conheço os pontos fortes e fracos do seu espírito, as suas peculiaridades e idiossincrasias que o tornam singular. Conheço todos os desejos do seu coração e os seus anelos secretos.
Sei das vezes em que se compara com os outros e que tem pensamentos negativos sobre si mesmo, quando as suas fraquezas o incomodam, o envergonham e o desanimam. Sei de todas estas coisas e mesmo assim o amo.

What’s True?

It can sometimes be hard, with so much information coming at you from every direction, to know what’s true-what you can believe and who you can trust. If you were to go by what you read and hear in the news media, movies, books, magazines, and the Internet, you could end up quite confused about a lot of things. One day you’re told that a certain thing will make you happy, or that such and such is the coolest thing, and the next day it’s something else. But I know what’s true, I see exactly where things are really at, and if you ask Me, I’ll let you in on the scoop.
I can give you wisdom and discernment. With these spiritual gifts, you can have insight into people and situations, as well as into the media, and be able to tell whether they’re good or bad, right or wrong, whether they’re to be trusted or not. These two gifts will make you much smarter and get you a lot farther than anything you might learn from any classroom or textbook. They’re Mine to give. You’ve just got to ask.

Joint account

What if someone told you, “You just won a million dollars! It’s being deposited in your bank account today!” You would be elated! You’d be so happy, you’d run around telling everyone, and then you’d plan how to spend the money. You’d think of all the comfort and enjoyment this money would bring you, and how you could use some of it to help others.
Well, did you know that you have much more than that at your disposal? When you received Me as your Savior, I added your name to My own account with the Bank of Heaven. Now what’s Mine is yours! You have unlimited spiritual resources that could make your life better in every way—more than enough for you and others, no matter how much you give away—and that’s the point. “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8).
How do you get these blessings?—By withdrawing from our account in the Bank of Heaven. Just come to Me in prayer. Draw on My love, peace, solutions, supply, satisfaction, and much, much more. Then pass the blessings on to others. This is the surest way to make and keep friends—by giving them the true riches, heavenly gifts that will never pass away.