Everyone is worried about the future these days—and it's no wonder. The way things are going, everyone has reason to fear what will happen to them, their family, their city, their country, their world. This planet has become a frightening and stressful place to live. Sometimes you wish you could find a hideaway, nail the windows and doors closed, and keep the world out.
It doesn't do any good to pretend the problems aren't there, but you don't have to be afraid, because I'm looking out for you. When fears overwhelm you, hide away in Me. When you find yourself in a dangerous situation, call on Me for help and then rest assured that I will be there to protect you. When you can't watch over your loved ones, commit them to My care. When a national or international crisis erupts, I will provide a safe haven for you and yours.
And even if the unthinkable happens—if you or your loved ones are taken from this life—know that a better life awaits on the other side. Heaven is where all this world's wrongs are made right.
So you see, although there's plenty you could worry about, you don't have to worry about a thing. I'm taking care of you!

Come away

Come, take some time away from the busy scene. With so many distractions, it’s hard to hear My voice. Come away, relax, put down your heavy load. I want to whisper words of love and reassurance to you.
Come away to where it’s just you and Me. It doesn’t have to be a particular place; it can be anywhere, anytime. Just take a few minutes to connect to Me, read My Word, and hear the words I have for you personally. I’ll tell you things you’d like to know and whisper wondrous secrets in your ear. I can even tell you things that I’ve never told anyone else before. I’m full of surprises and I’ll give them to you if you come and listen.
Take a moment away from your work to stop and hear My voice speaking to your heart-My words of love for you, just you.

Les trésors qui t’attendent

Bien que Mes bras soient ouverts à tous pour qu’ils viennent à Moi, très peu choisissent de Me donner leur tout. Si seulement ils se soumettaient à Moi, Je pourrais les remplir de Mon amour, de Mon bonheur, de Mon onction, de Ma plénitude et de Ma force.
Oh ! si tu savais ! Si seulement tu pouvais entrevoir ce que Je rêve de te donner ! Et à quel point Je voudrais te tenir dans Mes bras pour te réconforter, pour combler chacun de tes désirs, pour que tu éclates de joie et débordes de Mon amour sur les autres ! Car c’est là que résident le vrai bonheur et le véritable épanouissement.

Pensamientos amorosos

Cuando otros te fallen o cometan lo que a tu modo de ver son errores, en vez de contrariarte y estallar en ira, di: «Ruego por ellos. Los aprecio mucho. Quiero ayudarlos y facilitarles las cosas». Abriga pensamientos amorosos por aquellas personas que te desesperan. Ora por ellas.
Gracias a esas oraciones y pensamientos, el amor que tienes en el corazón podrá impregnar tu espíritu y vencerá al orgullo y al egoísmo.

Losing a Friend

He was great, wasn’t he? He came into your life out of nowhere and made you feel special. He understood you. He cared about what you liked, what you felt, and what you did. He showed you that you mattered.
But things have changed. He moved on, lives far away now, and you miss him. You miss the fun times. You wonder if you’ll ever have anything like that again. Yes, you can.
There are other people in the world who need you and who would value your love and friendship. Maybe it won’t be the same kind of friendship, but there’s a lot of joy to be found in going out of your way to be a friend to someone new. You’ll still miss your best friend, but you’ll be less lonely.
One day I’ll bring someone very special into your life, someone who will reassure you, in a whole new way, of how much I love you. In the meantime, every friendship can be a sign of My love for you.
You can fill a big need in someone’s life, and improve your own life while you’re at it, just by reaching out with a hand of love and friendship.

Convey faith, not overload

Many responsibilities and a heavy workload can seem overwhelming. The natural tendency is to work harder and faster to try to keep up, but when that happens, your busy spirit comes to the fore and blocks My Spirit of love, peace, and faith from coming through. That overburdened spirit is wearing on you, and wearing on those around you.
This is what happened to Martha—the sister of Mary and Lazarus—during My earthly ministry. Martha tried to be the perfect hostess to Me and nearly folded under the self-imposed pressure. Meanwhile, Mary just enjoyed being around Me, listening to and learning from Me. I appreciated Martha’s love and concern, but Mary was actually easier to be around. Martha was always so concerned with making everything perfect that she would get frustrated with others when it seemed they weren’t showing the same concern (Luke 10:38–42).
When you fret and worry and show yourself to be under pressure, you don’t convey faith and trust to others; you convey pressure and concern and overload. No one needs that!
Others may appreciate all you’re trying to do—often things that will benefit them—but usually they would rather see you happy and relaxed, trusting that everything is under My perfect control. So would I!

My Love only sees the good in you

When I gaze upon you, I see not the blemishes. I see not the faults and the failings, for I love you. As one who is in love overlooks the things that others may find fault with, because of his love, so it is with Me.

I am even as a blind man who sees no faults or failings, who sees with the hands, and touches and feels the softness, and smells the cleanness and the perfume, and hears the words of love, and knows just from this that his wife is beautiful and lovely, having never even seen her. Though she may even see herself as homely, he sees not this way. For he feels the love and he touches with his hands, and he feels the softness and the beauty. So it is with Me when I gaze upon you. For as one who overlooks the faults and loves in spite of them, so am I. As one who overlooks the blemishes and loves anyway, so am I.

Abra seu coração

Receba o Meu dom de amor pelos outros. Como fazer isso? Da mesma maneira que receberia de Mim qualquer outra dádiva. Você pede, aceita e acredita. E como pôr em prática? É dando um passo de cada vez, é agindo com amor vez após vez.
Receba a Minha unção e a ponha em prática dia a dia, passo a passo, de ato em ato, de palavra em palavra, de ação em ação, de amor em amor. Quando você se empenha em dar, compartilhar e amar, Eu o recompenso abundantemente e derramo sobre você um grande e novo amor, um amor fortalecedor.
Portanto, não tema, simplesmente receba. Abra o seu coração e diga: “Sim!” Abra o seu coração e diga: “Eu quero!” Abra o seu coração e receba, e isso dará fruto na sua vida e na das pessoas à sua volta, na vida das pessoas que você vê e toca.

Abra seu coração

Receba o Meu dom de amor pelos outros. Como fazer isso? Da mesma maneira que receberia de Mim qualquer outra dádiva. Você pede, aceita e acredita. E como pôr em prática? É dando um passo de cada vez, é agindo com amor vez após vez.
Receba a Minha unção e a ponha em prática dia a dia, passo a passo, de ato em ato, de palavra em palavra, de ação em ação, de amor em amor. Quando você se empenha em dar, compartilhar e amar, Eu o recompenso abundantemente e derramo sobre você um grande e novo amor, um amor fortalecedor.
Portanto, não tema, simplesmente receba. Abra o seu coração e diga: “Sim!” Abra o seu coração e diga: “Eu quero!” Abra o seu coração e receba, e isso dará fruto na sua vida e na das pessoas à sua volta, na vida das pessoas que você vê e toca.

How faith works

If faith no larger than a mustard seed can move a mountain (Matthew 17:20), you figure that your faith must be small indeed, because your prayers seem to go unanswered. That can be disheartening, I know, but it shouldn't stop you from asking Me for a miracle when you need one.
There are a couple of things you should know about faith: First, it's not something you can earn or muster up yourself, but it's a gift from your heavenly Father. Second, like a muscle, faith needs nourishment and exercise to grow. That spiritual nourishment comes from reading and absorbing God's Word. You exercise your faith by acting on it. So nourish and put your faith to work daily through your prayers and actions.
You don't have to wait till you feel you have strong faith to begin receiving My help, though. If you need results now but feel you don't have enough faith to warrant them, ask Me to increase your faith. Be like the man in the Bible who begged Me to heal his son, who could not hear or speak. The man had every reason to doubt that things could ever be different, and he did. He knew that his faith was weak, so when I asked him if he believed I could heal his son he replied, "Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief." The moment he confessed his inadequacy and asked for My help, he received both faith and the miracle—his son was instantly healed!

Prayer’s healing power

The human body is vulnerable to sickness and disease. That’s part of the human condition. There are some things you can do—some precautions you can take to help maintain good health, and some remedies you can use to facilitate the natural healing process—but none of these are cure-alls, none of them get permanent results, and sometimes they simply aren’t enough. Sometimes you need something more—spiritual help. That help is Mine to freely give, and I make it available to you through prayer. Your prayers for healing set in motion My spiritual power, which can then go to work on fixing your physical body.
You can’t see electricity, but you know it exists because you can see its effects. And because others have learned how to harness electricity’s power, you can put it to work for you. You flip the switch and the light comes on or the appliance does what it was made to do, and your life is better for it. Well, prayer is just as real, but far more wonderful. It’s the means for bringing heavenly spiritual power to your earthly plane—power that can do all sorts of marvelous things, including heal your body when needed.
But just as all the electricity in the world won’t do you a bit of good unless you tap into it, all that heavenly power to heal won’t do you a bit of good unless you avail yourself of it. Flip the switch, connect with Me, and My infinite resources are at your command.

El profundo amor que siento por ti

¿Por qué te amo?
Te quiero mucho, dulce amor mío. Te amé ayer, te amo hoy y te amaré siempre.
¿Cómo te amo? Te amo incondicionalmente, total y eternamente. Te amo como ama un padre a su hija. Te quiero como quiere un hombre a su esposa, con ternura y con pasión. Te amo a la perfección.
¿Por qué te amo? Porque eres Mía. Porque tú me amas. Porque eres hermosa a Mis ojos. Porque eres parte de Mí.
¿Cuándo te amo? Cuando estás en éxtasis y cuando estás sumida en la desesperación. Cuando tienes éxito y cuando sientes que has fracasado. Cuando obras con acierto y aun cuando cometes errores. Te amo cuando te asalta el impulso de darte por vencida y cuando sigues adelante.
¿Hasta cuándo te amaré? ¡Siempre, eternamente!

No reason to hide

You are ashamed of some of the things you hold inside, but I see them all and I love you anyway. I see the beauty of your heart. I see what you can become, and I see what you are already becoming through your love for Me. Don’t think that you are unworthy in My sight. Don’t hide in shame, for I see it all and love you just the same.
My Spirit brings love and healing where hurt abounds. It brings understanding to the rejected. It brings life where there is despair.
I know your heart and I know what’s wrong, but I see beauty there as well. You love Me and you love others, and that’s what counts with Me.
Believe in My love for you. Treasure it even though you don’t understand how I can love you. I love to love you because I know your need for Me is great. Deep inside you long for Me to make you whole, and that makes Me treasure you all the more.

Une joie toute simple

La joie du Seigneur est ta force. Mais comment trouver pareille joie ? Rien de plus simple en réalité : aime-Moi de tout ton cœur, de toute ton âme et de toutes tes forces, et n’oublie pas non plus d’aimer les autres. Ne t’inquiète pas de ce qu’ils pensent, de leurs opinions. Contente-toi de faire ce que te dictent l’amour et l’humilité. En fait, ils t’aimeront et te respecteront d’autant plus pour cela.
Souviens-toi d’aller au devant des autres pour leur montrer de l’amour et de l’attention, et Je te remplirai de Ma joie, de Ma paix et de Mon bonheur.

Amor sin límites

Quiero enseñarte a sentir mayor amor, abrirte los ojos al amor incondicional, para que te des cuenta de cómo es, participes de él, lo pongas en práctica y aprendas a amar al prójimo sin reservas.
Deseo que ahora veas a cada uno como Yo lo veo: con amor infinito, inconmensurable, que aprendas a amar tal como se te ha amado.
Aprende a amar a los demás con el mismo amor que te ha ayudado a salir adelante en muchas situaciones difíciles, el amor que te ha dado fuerzas para seguir adelante, el amor que te ha ayudado a perdonar, el amor que te ha permitido sincerarte: Mi amor.

Your special place

I am the good Gardener. I have planted a beautiful garden of special flowers. In My garden, each flower is different and unique. Each one serves its own purpose and has its own place in the garden and in the heart of the Gardener.
You are unique to Me. I know all about your gifts, your talents, your battles, your weaknesses, and all the things that bother you about yourself. I know about the nagging problems that you can't seem to overcome. I know your strengths and your weaknesses, your idiosyncrasies and all the funny things about you that make you an individual. I know your heart's desires and your secret longings.
I know about the times that you compare yourself to others. I know about the times that you think negatively about yourself, when your weaknesses bother, embarrass and discourage you. I know about all these things and I love you anyway.

Seu lugar especial

Sou o bom Jardineiro. Plantei um lindo, grande e glorioso jardim de flores especiais. Nele, cada flor é diferente, ímpar, linda e especial aos Meus olhos. Cada uma serve o seu propósito e tem seu lugar no jardim, assim como no coração do Jardineiro.
Para Mim não existe outro como você. Você é uma flor especial aos Meus olhos. Sei tudo sobre os seus dons, talentos, batalhas, fraquezas e todas as coisas que o incomodam sobre si mesmo. Sei dos problemas que constantemente o pertubam e que parece incapaz de superar. Conheço os pontos fortes e fracos do seu espírito, as suas peculiaridades e idiossincrasias que o tornam singular. Conheço todos os desejos do seu coração e os seus anelos secretos.
Sei das vezes em que se compara com os outros e que tem pensamentos negativos sobre si mesmo, quando as suas fraquezas o incomodam, o envergonham e o desanimam. Sei de todas estas coisas e mesmo assim o amo.

What’s True?

It can sometimes be hard, with so much information coming at you from every direction, to know what’s true-what you can believe and who you can trust. If you were to go by what you read and hear in the news media, movies, books, magazines, and the Internet, you could end up quite confused about a lot of things. One day you’re told that a certain thing will make you happy, or that such and such is the coolest thing, and the next day it’s something else. But I know what’s true, I see exactly where things are really at, and if you ask Me, I’ll let you in on the scoop.
I can give you wisdom and discernment. With these spiritual gifts, you can have insight into people and situations, as well as into the media, and be able to tell whether they’re good or bad, right or wrong, whether they’re to be trusted or not. These two gifts will make you much smarter and get you a lot farther than anything you might learn from any classroom or textbook. They’re Mine to give. You’ve just got to ask.

Joint account

What if someone told you, “You just won a million dollars! It’s being deposited in your bank account today!” You would be elated! You’d be so happy, you’d run around telling everyone, and then you’d plan how to spend the money. You’d think of all the comfort and enjoyment this money would bring you, and how you could use some of it to help others.
Well, did you know that you have much more than that at your disposal? When you received Me as your Savior, I added your name to My own account with the Bank of Heaven. Now what’s Mine is yours! You have unlimited spiritual resources that could make your life better in every way—more than enough for you and others, no matter how much you give away—and that’s the point. “Freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8).
How do you get these blessings?—By withdrawing from our account in the Bank of Heaven. Just come to Me in prayer. Draw on My love, peace, solutions, supply, satisfaction, and much, much more. Then pass the blessings on to others. This is the surest way to make and keep friends—by giving them the true riches, heavenly gifts that will never pass away.

Embrace change

Are you set in your ways, or do you embrace new ideas? Do you welcome suggestions from others? Are you open to learning and trying new things? Are you willing to change things if someone else finds a better way?
It’s often easier to keep doing things the old way than it is to change, or at least it can seem so at first. Change takes time and effort, but good changes are worth it in the long run. You shouldn’t resist change, but you shouldn’t go to the other extreme either of changing things just for the sake of change.
Some things never change—My love for you and My basic commandments and promises in the Bible—but in other areas I delight in change. Situations change. People change. You change! I don’t like things to stagnate. I like innovation and progress, and I want you to as well. Be flexible. Flow with the new and move with Me, and you’ll be much easier for Me and others to work with.
How do you know whether or not a certain change would be beneficial? The surest way is to ask Me. Get My stamp of approval. I can help you recognize opportunities for positive change and spare you from missteps. If a new idea has My blessing, your efforts will be rewarded as you act on it.