Embrace change

Are you set in your ways, or do you embrace new ideas? Do you welcome suggestions from others? Are you open to learning and trying new things? Are you willing to change things if someone else finds a better way?
It’s often easier to keep doing things the old way than it is to change, or at least it can seem so at first. Change takes time and effort, but good changes are worth it in the long run. You shouldn’t resist change, but you shouldn’t go to the other extreme either of changing things just for the sake of change.
Some things never change—My love for you and My basic commandments and promises in the Bible—but in other areas I delight in change. Situations change. People change. You change! I don’t like things to stagnate. I like innovation and progress, and I want you to as well. Be flexible. Flow with the new and move with Me, and you’ll be much easier for Me and others to work with.
How do you know whether or not a certain change would be beneficial? The surest way is to ask Me. Get My stamp of approval. I can help you recognize opportunities for positive change and spare you from missteps. If a new idea has My blessing, your efforts will be rewarded as you act on it.