Stay simple

I spoke great truths, profound words that changed lives and continue to do so. But I also spoke to the children. I was simple, I was clear, and I didn't lose My appreciation of little things. I stopped to enjoy the flowers. I cooked for My disciples.
It's when you can't find joy in the everyday things of life that you become complicated and lose the human touch. You exchange depth of character for a labyrinth of complex thinking, a heart that is sensitive to the things of the spirit for mere head knowledge.
Simplicity is a gift. Everyone starts out with it, but as some people grow up they discount this gift because they associate it with ignorance, naiveté, immaturity, and a lack of sophistication. They prefer to weave a web of complexity to cover it. But did I not say that unless you have childlike simplicity to believe in the "impossible" and the unseen—Me, the One who died for you and rose to life again so you could have the wonderful but simple gift of eternal life—you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven? The gift of simplicity remains for those who have the humility and wisdom to value it and claim it as their own.
There is much to discover throughout life and even more in Heaven, but you will always find that the most profound truths, the greatest beauty, and the most outstanding wisdom are expressed simply.

Ever-present help

You can find comfort in knowing that good can come of anything and that I allow trials in your life not to make you miserable, but better. Still, at times it is hard to be so philosophical—all you want is some relief! You don't want to hear, "All this is for your good"—you just want to be free of the problem.
I know how you feel. When I was on the cross, the pain was so excruciating that I just wanted it to be over. I kept reminding Myself that I was enduring this so that you and a whole world full of sinners like you could be brought to salvation. I knew it was worth it, but it was a supreme struggle to keep such altruistic thoughts foremost in My mind. In My Father's time the suffering did cease and I was released into the spiritual realm where such agony could no longer touch Me, but what an ordeal that was!
At the time of My suffering, My Father could not intervene. I had to go through that for you. But now that I have, I am always there to help you through your times of pain and suffering. I let Myself be separated from divine help for that time so you could always have it available. So hold on. The victory, comfort, and surcease from suffering will come.

Make Lemonade

When something seems to be going wrong, instead of complaining or letting it get you on a bummer, try to find a personal solution for it. That doesn’t mean figuring out how to change things so that they always go your way. It means finding a way to be cheerful even if they don’t. Learn to make the best of any situation-“making lemonade out of the lemon.”
It makes Me especially happy when you have a positive reaction to something that didn’t turn out quite as you would have liked. I want you to be happy and I try to give you things and make the circumstances so that you’re happy with them. But that’s not always possible. So when something is tough for you, but you’re able to trust Me and smile through your disappointment anyway, it shows Me that you’re ready for one of My blessings, something that I probably wouldn’t have sent your way otherwise, because some blessings have to be earned-and they’re usually the ones that you want the most.

I am love

In times of darkness, I will be your light. In times of sadness, I will be your joy. In times of struggle, I will be your deliverance. In times of weakness, I will be your strength. In times of question, I will be your answer. In times of doubt, I will be faith unto you.—And more important than any of this, I am love to you. I love you and I forgive you.
So do not be discouraged or disheartened. Do not look back. Do not be remorseful over the mistakes and sins of the past, for the past is the past. I have covered those mistakes and sins, and that which was scarlet shall be made white as snow. As far as the east is from the west, so far have I removed your sins from you.
In the very moment that you seek My forgiveness, in the very instant that you call out to Me, I immediately grant My forgiveness, and there is no more need to worry or fear or carry the burden yourself.

Um tempo para cada coisa

Há muitas maneiras de orar. Há momentos para derramar o coração em prantos, buscando-Me em orações fervorosas. Há outros para sentar-se tranqüila e serenamente, buscando-Me em humildade, fazendo suas petições com calma, sussurrando aos Meus ouvidos os seus pedidos e me dizendo o que precisa.
Há momentos quando se ora fazendo outras coisas, fazendo em seu coração pedidos silenciosos, e há horas em que se deve parar, deixar tudo de lado e Me buscar com forte clamor. Tudo isto é importante e tem a sua hora e o seu propósito.
Não é a posição do corpo que conta, mas sim a posição do coração. Demore em oração quando necessário; seja rápido quando o tempo for pouco. Há uma hora para orar rapidamente e uma hora para ser mais demorado, e você precisa aprender a usar as duas coisas de acordo com a necessidade — mas ore! Dependa da oração. Viva de acordo com as suas orações. Não se canse de orar.

Les dons que J’ai pour vous

Voici, Je suis le Bon Berger. J’ai donné Ma vie pour sauver ceux qui sont perdus. J’ai offert Mon corps pour guérir ceux qui sont meurtris. Ce n’est pas en vain que j’ai souffert tout cela, mais afin de pouvoir vous prendre dans Mes bras, vous Mes enfants, tout contre Moi, pour vous réconforter, vous aimer et vous offrir le pardon, la rédemption et la guérison.
Mes bras sont tendus vers vous, et Je tiens dans Mes mains des dons précieux, pour vous qui êtes brisés, pour vous qui souffrez et qui pleurez. Ce sont des dons d’amour, de pardon, de miséricorde et de guérison. Tous ces dons, Je ne demande qu’à vous les donner, si seulement vous tendez vos mains pour les recevoir par la foi.
Des dons aussi précieux ne peuvent se mériter. Vous ne serez jamais assez bons pour les recevoir. Mais Je vous les donnerai gratuitement si seulement vous tendez vos mains par la foi pour recevoir Mon amour, Ma miséricorde, Mon pardon et Ma guérison.

I understand everything

I am so in love with you that I overlook all your faults and failures. I am blind with love—love that sees beyond your shortcomings and mistakes, love that only sees the good and the possibilities that others do not recognize.
I do not have a great big stick standing by, ready to wallop you at your slightest failing. I do not stand ready and waiting for you to trip and fall that I may whack you back in line. How could I? For I, too, walked in your shoes. I, too, took on the cloak of human flesh that I might know and feel and understand everything about you. I know the frustrations you feel, your every longing, the incapability of your human flesh, and even your secret sins. I feel your humanness, and because of this, I have promised that I will have mercy upon you. My thoughts toward you are thoughts of peace, forgiveness, long-suffering and compassion.

A strong marriage

If your marriage is going to be strong, it must be strong in the spirit. If it's going to be strong in the spirit, then I must be the center. Your focus, your unity, your love, all must be centered around Me. Then you'll have what you need to make it over the human weaknesses and mistakes and misunderstandings. But when you go for a long period of time without having good prayer and communication, without humbling yourselves and uniting around My Word, it's very easy to become set in your ways, proud, unyielding and intolerant. You lose the compassion. You lose the tenderness. You lose the sweetness.

Soluciones para Tus problemas

Cuando te sientas débil, Yo seré fuerte por Ti. Cuando te agobie la confusión, te imbuiré de paz. Cuando te invada el temor, confortaré tu corazón. Cuando te asalten dudas, te daré fe. Cuando te sobrevenga la tensión, te daré alivio. Cuando te encuentres en un laberinto, estaré a tu lado. Cuando te sientas inútil, te daré una meta. Cuando se apodere de ti la angustia, te comunicaré alegría. Cuando te falte confianza, Yo seré tu tranquilidad. Cuando lo veas todo confuso y turbio, Yo te daré claridad. Cuando todo te parezca lúgubre y tormentoso, seré para ti luz esplendorosa.

Déjalo pasar

Hay dos vías: la de la resistencia y la de la sumisión. La de la sumisión es la vía fácil. Como cuando dos cabras coinciden frente a frente en un angosto sendero de montaña, y en lugar de embestirse, una se echa para dejar que la otra le pase por encima. Así quiero que hagas tú. De lo contrario no hay sino enfrentamiento y choque de cabezas. Es mucho más fácil echarse y dejar que la otra persona pase por encima. Te digo y te repito que lo dejes pasar.
Procura ser humilde. Esfuérzate por obrar con amor. Pon empeño en adquirir bondad y comprensión. Esas virtudes son joyas de gran valor que puedes lucir y que harán resaltar en ti la verdadera belleza de Dios. Busca la sencillez, el amor. Busca ser gentil. Sé que tienes esas cualidades, pues conozco bien tu corazón. Sé que en las fuentes de tu corazón está presente el deseo de ser humilde, de obrar con amor, ternura, bondad, paciencia y comprensión. Mas para que en tu corazón afloren todas esas virtudes es preciso que te despojes del orgullo y del egoísmo.

As gold in the furnace

You may not understand some things today because it is not My time to fully reveal to you My complete plan and purpose. Believe and trust, even though you do not understand. My ways are not your ways, and you can never know the mind of God by trying to understand and analyze with your own mind. I will reveal My thoughts and My ways by the power of My Spirit to those who will receive My voice with faith, love and appreciation.
I promise that if you will hold on by faith—not even knowing if you have the strength to hold on—you will not fail. Just as gold is purified in the refiner's furnace, those who pass through the hot flames of testing are those who come out as finer gold. I test you that all the dross and impurities may be melted away. So do not fear the testing, for I purify you out of love, and I cleanse you in answer to your prayers.

Mind-Benders to Infinity

Do you enjoy a good puzzle? Do you love a riddle or a maze? Look around you at the greatest mind-bender ever designed-this world and all its intricacies.
The simplest forms of life and the simplest natural cycles of living cells have taken thousands of years for man to discover and understand. Scientists are always saying that they’ve discovered the key to this or that, and now have even figured out how to multiply human cells. But there’s still so much that can’t be explained.
Life is the most wonderful of My creations, and man will never be able to fully figure it out. They may be able to grow this or that in the lab, but they will never be able to breathe the breath of life into a human being, that breath that changes man from a mass of complex chemicals into a living soul!
My creation is a wonderful demonstration of My unending intellect. And what you see and experience all around you is only a small facet of My power and capabilities, for My creations are endless. There is no limit to what I am able to do!
The maze of the universe has enough marvels within it to thrill you for all eternity!

Constante como o Sol

A felicidade de espírito está bem acima da felicidade da carne, pois a felicidade de espírito é algo que você sempre terá. É infinita e nem mesmo as noites mais solitárias ou as nuvens mais escuras podem lhe tirar isso.
A felicidade da carne é passageira, é um sentimento efêmero que se altera de acordo com o seu humor, com as circunstâncias, e com as coisas físicas que vê e toca. Mas a felicidade de espírito provém de saber que Eu sou o seu Salvador e que Me importo.
A felicidade que dou é constante como o Sol. Quando o Sol desaparece à noitinha atrás do horizonte, você por acaso se preocupa, achando que ele nunca mais vai voltar? Por acaso diz: “O Sol sumiu!”? Não, ele é constante, está sempre ali. Apesar da noite vir e você não conseguir enxergá-lo, nunca duvida de sua existência nem de que ele surgirá novamente. É o mesmo com a felicidade de espírito; apesar de estar sempre presente, a noite vem e você a perde de vista por um pouco. Essa é a hora de confiar e descansar até à manhã seguinte, até vê-la novamente.

Millions of Questions

Sometimes you feel like you and your life are one big question mark. You have questions about everything.What is life for, anyway? Why live? Why love? Why learn? Why strive for anything? Why, why, why?
Well, I can match every question mark that exists with either a period or an exclamation point. I have reasons and answers for everything.
I don’t immediately put an end to all your question marks. It takes time. It’s good for you not to know the answers to everything right now. It’s part of life. It teaches you patience and faith.
I answer some questions right away, and others I don’t answer just yet. But I promise you, I’m saving up your questions, and one day we’re going to sit down together and have a good, long chat. I’m going to pull out every one of your question marks from the past and I’m going to match each of them up with one of My periods or exclamation points-the perfect answer for each question. The because for every single why.

Pour te diriger dans le labyrinthe

Le monde devient de plus en plus compliqué et tu as besoin de Moi pour te diriger dans le labyrinthe de ces complications. Tu dois te tourner vers Moi pour savoir quoi faire. Je peux te montrer ce qui est invisible à l’œil nu. Je peux te révéler de nombreux éléments que tu ignores. Le monde s’émerveillera de ta sagesse, de ton savoir et de ta perception des réalités, si seulement tu Me cherches, si seulement tu M’écoutes.
Alors n’aie pas peur de demander. Avais-tu peur de poser des questions à tes parents lorsque tu étais
petit ? Non bien sûr, tu demandais tout simplement, et ils te répondaient. Il en est de même avec Moi.
Il te faut développer ta sensibilité par rapport à Moi et à Mon Esprit. Garde ton antenne spirituelle pointée vers le haut, toujours à l’écoute, car J’ai des multitudes de choses à te dire.