Te comprendo cabalmente

Estoy tan enamorado de ti que Mi vista no capta ninguno de tus fallos e imperfecciones. El amor me ciega y me hace ver más allá de tus faltas y equivocaciones. Es un amor que solo ve lo bueno y las posibilidades que los demás no alcanzan a distinguir.
No te vigilo garrote en mano listo para atizarte al más mínimo error. No estoy a la espera de que tropieces y caigas para meterte otra vez en vereda de un estacazo. ¿Cómo iba a hacer eso? Yo también me he encontrado en tu lugar. Yo también adopté el manto de carne humana a fin de llegar a conocerte y a comprenderte cabalmente. Conozco las contrariedades que experimentas, cada uno de tus anhelos, la insuficiencia de la carne humana y hasta tus pecados ocultos. Me identifico con tu humanidad. Por ello he prometido que tendré misericordia de ti. Mis pensamientos para contigo son de paz, perdón, paciencia y compasión.

What prayer does

Prayer is not the least you can do, but the very most that you can do. Think about it. If it's the most you can do, then why don't you pray more?
Prayer is powerful, and if you want My power, then you must pray. What is prayer? It's your link with the Divine. It's communication. It's tapping into the Source. It's faithfulness to the greatest duty of man. Prayer is rest, faith, complete trust.
Prayer brings down My peace upon you. Prayer gets action. It lifts you up. Prayer changes the course of history. Prayer heals. Prayer revives. Prayer restores. Prayer builds. Prayer is humility. Prayer is My love. Prayer moves My hand and spurs Me to action. Prayer gets results. Prayer is saving grace for mankind.
Most importantly, prayer makes us one. Prayer melts us together, so that you might partake of My powers.

A Bird’s-Eye View

When you feel like you’re in a muddle, don’t you sometimes wish that you could just grow wings and fly away like a bird? You can, you know. On the wings of prayer, you can soar way up high, above all the mess, the problems and the confusion.
You can’t necessarily escape your problems, but you can rise above them and see things from a different point of view.-A bird’s-eye view, just like when you’re in an airplane, and everything down on the ground seems so small-almost insignificant. I can give you spiritual wings that will carry you up above all the problems and help you to see them from the proper perspective.
The next time you’re in a big mess, or you’re feeling confused, or things just aren’t working out right, don’t let it frustrate you or drag you down. Flap your wings and take flight! Take some time to get quiet and pray, and you’ll rise above it all. Come up here with Me, way up above the trouble and the turbulence, where everything is beautiful and quiet and peaceful.

Lose the Tape Measure

Do you pull out a mental tape measure and compare people with each other? Who’s taller? Who’s shorter? Fatter? Skinnier? Prettier? More handsome? Who’s faster? Who’s stronger? There are so many ways that people are different, and so many things that you could measure and compare.
Then you try to measure yourself by comparing yourself with others. “Are they smarter than me?” “Are they better looking than I am?” “Do people like them more than they like me?” Comparing isn’t a good idea. It can really be a bummer and make you pretty miserable about yourself and about the way I made you.
I think you’re great! There’s nothing I want to change about you. Sure you’ll change a little throughout your life, but I’m not looking at you thinking, “Oh, I should have made your hair a different color or your face a different shape.” Not at all!
I don’t want you to measure yourself against others either. I want you to learn to be happy with the way you are. When you stop comparing yourself to other people, you’ll have a chance to discover what’s cool and special about yourself.