No reason to hide

You are ashamed of some of the things you hold inside, but I see them all and I love you anyway. I see the beauty of your heart. I see what you can become, and I see what you are already becoming through your love for Me. Don’t think that you are unworthy in My sight. Don’t hide in shame, for I see it all and love you just the same.
My Spirit brings love and healing where hurt abounds. It brings understanding to the rejected. It brings life where there is despair.
I know your heart and I know what’s wrong, but I see beauty there as well. You love Me and you love others, and that’s what counts with Me.
Believe in My love for you. Treasure it even though you don’t understand how I can love you. I love to love you because I know your need for Me is great. Deep inside you long for Me to make you whole, and that makes Me treasure you all the more.


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