Losing a Friend

He was great, wasn’t he? He came into your life out of nowhere and made you feel special. He understood you. He cared about what you liked, what you felt, and what you did. He showed you that you mattered.
But things have changed. He moved on, lives far away now, and you miss him. You miss the fun times. You wonder if you’ll ever have anything like that again. Yes, you can.
There are other people in the world who need you and who would value your love and friendship. Maybe it won’t be the same kind of friendship, but there’s a lot of joy to be found in going out of your way to be a friend to someone new. You’ll still miss your best friend, but you’ll be less lonely.
One day I’ll bring someone very special into your life, someone who will reassure you, in a whole new way, of how much I love you. In the meantime, every friendship can be a sign of My love for you.
You can fill a big need in someone’s life, and improve your own life while you’re at it, just by reaching out with a hand of love and friendship.


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