My Love only sees the good in you

When I gaze upon you, I see not the blemishes. I see not the faults and the failings, for I love you. As one who is in love overlooks the things that others may find fault with, because of his love, so it is with Me.

I am even as a blind man who sees no faults or failings, who sees with the hands, and touches and feels the softness, and smells the cleanness and the perfume, and hears the words of love, and knows just from this that his wife is beautiful and lovely, having never even seen her. Though she may even see herself as homely, he sees not this way. For he feels the love and he touches with his hands, and he feels the softness and the beauty. So it is with Me when I gaze upon you. For as one who overlooks the faults and loves in spite of them, so am I. As one who overlooks the blemishes and loves anyway, so am I.


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